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Sidewinder™ 5th Wheel Pin Box, 20,000 lbs. Capacity, Fits Lippert (1621, 1716, 0719), Fabex PB 600 Series, Rhino and Turning Point Bolt Hole Patterns

Part No 69220
The REESE Sidewinder pin box is the ideal choice for those who want to tow with a short bed truck. This premium product is specifically designed to eliminate issues with turning and clearance when towing with a shorter pickup. Its patented design allows towers to make up to 90-plus degree turns without having to leave the cab of the truck. The Sidewinder connects to your trailer and works by locking the trailer king pin to the fifth wheel hitch which moves the pivot point of the trailer a whopping 22 inches rearward to allow for increased turning clearance. The system also tracks automatically, allowing for tighter turns when towing forward or moving in reverse, keeping the load centered over the axles, and eliminating the need for a fifth wheel slider system. The pivoting design of this elite pin box lets towers hook up to their fifth wheel hitch at nearly any angle while increasing stability and strength to support heavier loads. Like the REESE goosebox and 5th Airborne, the REESE Sidewinder is tested to exceed all SAE standards, has 20,000 pounds capacity, and fits several Lippert trailer configurations when used with the included universal wedge. (Custom wedge kits sold separately.) The unit also ships preassembled to save on installation time and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, making it the ultimate short bed towing solution.
  • SHORT BED TOWING: Premium pin box with a sleek design. The Sidewinder eliminates turning and clearance issues, allowing short bed pickup trucks to automatically make up to 90-plus-degree turns without anyone having to leave the cab.
  • WEDGE INCLUDED: Included wedge fits all REESE fifth wheel hitches. Custom wedge kits are also available (sold separately) to fit most other branded fifth-wheel hitches.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: Enjoy towing nearly any size fifth wheel trailer without worry thanks to the Sidewinder’s robust design. With a rating of 20,000 pounds capacity, this premium pin box is compatible with a wide range of trailers, including Lippert #1621, Lippert #1621 HD, Lippert #0719, and Fabex PB 600 Series, as well as those with the Rhino and Turning Point bolt hole patterns. Lippert #1716, and Lippert #0115 require (68200) Spacer Kit for installation.
  • TESTED AND BACKED FOR LIFE: The Sidewinder from REESE is inspected for quality and workmanship and is tested to exceed SAE J2638 standards, providing peace of mind that your connections are safe and secure. Plus, it's backed by a limited lifetime warranty from THE most recognized brand in RV towing since 1952.
  • CAUTION: While the Sidewinder can be used with most truck and trailer combinations, not all will allow 90-degree turns. Trailers with a wider wing set may also require a spacer kit for installation (sold separately).

  • Fits:

Product Application:
69220 Sidewinder Pin Box:
Pin box wing set make and model #'s: Lippert #1621, Lippert #1621HD, Lippert #0719, Lippert Rhino, Lippert Turning Point, and Fabex PB 600 series
Pin box wing set make and model #'s with additional 68200 Spacer Kit: Lippert #1716, Lippert #0115, Lippert #1116
Product Compatibility with 5th wheel hitches (Note: A wedge and 5th wheel hitch must be noted below confirming compatibility, to use product):
Fits Reese Elite series, Reese M Series, Pro Series Slide Jaw, and Reese Dual Jaw 5th wheel hitches: 68202 Wedge Kit (Sold Separately, replacement for included wedge)
Fits CURT E-Series and PowerRide 5th wheel hitches: 68203 Wedge Kit (Sold Separately)
Fits B&W Patriot, B&W Companion OEM, Husky, and Demco 5th wheel hitches: 68204 Wedge Kit (Sold Separately)
Fits PullRite Super 5th, PullRite OE Series, and Camco 5th wheel hitches: 68205 Wedge Kit (Sold Separately)
1. The above wedges are the ONLY approved wedges that will work with Reese Sidewinder, Part# 69220
2. Additional fit applications may apply – Reference Product Drawing under images link.
3. Not all tow vehicle and trailer combinations will allow 90-degree turn.
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Brand: REESE
Part Number: 69220
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
UPC: 016118164558
Dimensions: 12" x 36" x 16" (Shipping)
Finish: Black Powder Coat
Weight: 205 lbs

When used together, the following parts make up the product (Kit) at the top of the page. They can be purchased together as part of the kit or as separate components for replacement or repair; however, ALL of the following MUST be used in order for the above product to work as advertised.

Tool Sizes Needed
This product is not vehicle specific.
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